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Travel Tips - Know Before You Go!

Check back often for new Travel Tips and everything you should know before leaving on your next adventure!

This is one of my favorites for packing a suitcase!
Roll your clothes to fit more in your luggage, and avoid lines you get from folding!
Tested it few years ago, and it really does work great! I always pack my bag that way!
You should try it too!

Click this link to watch a YouTube Video we found that shows you exactly how to do it:

Tip for housekeeping staff - a good rule is to leave them about $2 U.S. per day (unless your room is really messy or they're making something special for you). While you can leave it every day on the pillow, most staff is instructed not to move money or personal item, so they might not pick it up! If this is the case, just leave it in a prominent spot when you check out!


Sure, you're going on a great beach vacation... All you really think about is your bathing suit and sunglasses! And that's great! Let's hope the weather will be beautiful!
BUT, don't forget to pack at least one sweater in your bag... Airports, restaurants, shops, public transportation... all those places get cold... and they're really cold on a really hot day... so make sure you have a cover up if you don't want to freeze your bottom off!
So remember, bring your sweater no matter where you go!

When traveling, always bring a travel first aid kit with the following: ibuprofen (or other pain killer), decongestant, NyQuil, bandages, hydrocortizone cream, etc. It will come in handy more often than you think!!

Before leaving for the airport:

  • Make sure that you have all of your required documentation
  • Contact your banking institution and credit card companies and notify them that you will be traveling
  • Pack your carry-on luggage with necessary travel documentation and medical necessities
  • If traveling with a personal cell phone, check with your wireless provider for rates and charges
  • Provide your travel itinerary and contact information at your destination to family or friends who are staying home in case they needs to reach you

Prepare for Take-off

311 for carry-ons

(click on the image to see detailed brochure)


Travel Safety in Mexico Map

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